Children's Unit
se/b07/16: twirlin' and hurtin'
Child standing
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A 9 year old boy presents to the emergency department having fallen off the bed. He is seen by an F2 doctor who examines the child and notes the following.

Fall from 3-4 feet onto right arm. Pain initially and since. Full ROM, no distal neurovascular compromise. Minimal pain on palpation of upper arm. Clavicle fine.

Implication: Strain to right arm, advise analgesia and mobilise.

2 days later he is brought back to the ED as it is still painful.

You have a look at the child and note the following.

Fall 3/7 ago. Still painful. Good ROM but abduction and internal rotation slightly limited. Minimal bony tenderness to upper arm.

You send them for an X-ray.